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“You create your own reality.”   –  Seth


THE SETH HOUSE is the apartment building in Elmira, New York where Jane Roberts and Robert Butts lived from 1960-1975. This is where Jane Roberts channeled most of the Seth Books. Seth, a self-described “personality energy essence no longer focused in physical reality,” spoke through Jane while she was in a trance. Seth’s teachings are profound, transformational and life changing.

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Jane Roberts channeling Seth
Jane Roberts channeling Seth

Together they wrote forty-five books, selling nearly eight million copies, all of which are  still in print. Their books have been translated into over a dozen languages reaching an ever-growing world wide readership.

Seth’s message is timeless, uplifting and self-empowering. Many well-known authors, speakers and teachers have been influenced by Seth, whose refreshing insights about spirituality, consciousness, human potential, and the exploration of multi-dimensional realities continue to be an inspiration to millions of readers.

501(c)(3) Non-Profit Foundation has been established to honor the remarkable achievement that took place on this very site. It is our aim to create an open center for readers and friends from around the world, so we can meet to explore the limitless possibilities we are all capable of, as described in Seth’s teachings.

Today, the building where most of Seth’s information was produced is in dire need of repair. We are happy to announce that efforts are underway to acquire this old building, restore it, and open it up as a public place for all to enjoy. Creating a legal entity such as this will help protect the building for future generations, and formally acknowledge the amazing communications that took place within these walls. Come see where history was made.

Jane Roberts with typewriter
Jane Roberts

A major event of great significance happened here, not so long ago, and it’s time we honor, preserve and beautify this place while we still can. The intention is for the building to be made available for spiritual, educational, personal development, and research purposes. It’s the perfect place to bring people together to joyfully study the material, and to help other Seth inspired groups and individuals around the world make important connections with each other.

We welcome you to be part of this great adventure. We seek volunteers and donors to support this vision. We invite you to join our efforts, in building a beautiful space, and participating in a strong community of researchers who explore the greater possibilities of being more than human. Let’s explore Seth’s philosophies and discuss the limitless potential we all have within ourselves.




The Seth House was featured on the local Elmira area program “HIDDEN LANDMARKS” hosted by the beloved J.D. ILES.
We so appreciate his support and his sincere interest in the material. He’s helping to promote Seth, and our work, and we couldn’t be more thrilled for his endorsement and kind words.

For more about his visit to the house on April 2nd, you can go to this page:
We will have a full transcription of his talk posted there soon:

So, here it is. Please enjoy. Thanks again, J.D.!

Recent Visitors

This video snippet was filmed on March 25th, 2021 and is less than a minute in length.  3 deaf women drove in from Long Island and Binghamton to see the house. They plan to return. Oshara had her mask down so they could read her lips and translate to one another.