This is a Team Effort,
and This is the Team So Far…

  “Your thoughts change worlds, worlds of which you are aware and worlds of which you are not aware. … All That Is flows through you in a way that it can flow through no other…. And the touch of your hand can change a life in a way that no other individual, alive or dead, could change that life. You act upon those that you know and those that you do not know in ways that no other individual can ever act…. The truths, the honesty, and if you will forgive me, the magic of the universe shines through your eyes and your skin.” [Seth Audio Collection, CD11(1)]

Oshara Waago

For 40 years she has studied the books and has started more Seth Groups than she can count. She brought together the Bay Area Seth Community and co-created the California Seth Conference. Her great love of Seth brought her to Elmira, where she now lives in order to co-create The Seth House. She was the founder and publisher of 3 “New Age” magazines and she continues to be an avid world traveler. The Seth Books have always been the guiding light in her life. Co-creating The Seth House is a way of ‘giving back’ for all of the inspiration and healing she has received from this amazing body of work. Her heartfelt hope is that through The Seth House, this information will positively enrich the lives of others, as it has enriched her own.

President and CEO, The Seth House, Inc, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to preserving The Seth House in Elmira, New York.

Kate Favata Holton

Sincere energy healer, Kate is a Reiki master teacher and clinical hypnosis practitioner. She is also the Founder, Director & Owner of The Healing & Learning Center, right here in Elmira, New York. This is an important spiritual center which also houses the Love & Light “New Age” Book & Gift Shop. The center hosts important events and gatherings all year round – except now during Covid.

Healing & Learning Center Calendar:

Kate has also volunteered her time to assist two other 501(c)(3) charitable foundations, where she gave freely of her accounting skills, computer tech support, and website design. She’s learned a lot along the way and is giving freely of her time and efforts for The Seth House.

Vice President, Treasurer, CFO, The Seth House, Inc, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to preserving The Seth House in Elmira, New York.


Aaron Alsheimer – Our Awesome Attorney

This guy is amazing. We appreciate him more than we can express, even though we let him know every time we see him. He has 10 years experience with helping to create Non-Profits Organizations and has walked us through the process step by step. He’s friendly, honest and knows what he’s doing. He guided us through the paperwork and legwork to make The Seth House an official 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization. He has skillfully helped make “The Seth House” the best possible “Legal Entity” it can be. He’s really gone the extra mile for us and we so appreciate his upbeat attitude and easy going charm. It feels good knowing we can always call Aaron for any legal questions we may have and that the firm he works for, Sayles & Evans, is well respected in this area.

Molly Ahearn

Molly Ahearn

Formerly from NYC, she worked on Park Avenue in finance for awhile then ran like hell. She is an amazing creative spirit and tremendous organizer. Her history as an entertainer, stage performer, singer/songwriter, costume stylist and joyful catalyst for positive change invigorates this project and all who are part of the adventure. Her passions now are spirituality and healing; in depth research into the nature of reality; bringing people together; and helping the world every day in every way. She’s in her 30’s and represents the next generation of Seth Enthusiasts.

Secretary, The Seth House, Inc, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to preserving The Seth House in Elmira, New York.

Greg Granger

Our carpenter hero. He did so much work to help with the renovations of Jane & Rob’s apartment #5. His work is a sacred meditation to him. He brings a special light to everything he does. He was a huge power source during the renovations for Jane & Rob’s apartment.


Deb Tejada

Deb’s a long time Seth fan, graphic designer and illustrator volunteering her creative skills to The Seth House. When she’s not glued to her computer or a Seth book, she can be found exploring nature or traveling the world, preferably with a view from between the ears of a horse. Since the passing of Mary Dillman, Deb has taken on responsibilities of managing “The Seth  Research Project” at


We Invite You to Join Us 😀

All skills are needed and you will be adored and appreciated beyond your wildest dreams.  If you’re interested in helping the cause, please let us know. There are so many ways to be part of this adventure in conscious co-creation.  We are looking for people willing to give of their skills in whatever way they’d like to, including…

Fundraising • Grant Writing • AirBnB Host • Community Outreach • Videographers • Computer Stuff • Development Director • Finance Director • Property Manager • Programming Director • Event Coordinator • Hospitality Help • Handy Folk • Restoration & Home Improvement Specialists • Talking About Seth
• Create Great Online “Crowd Funding” Campaigns • Hosting Seth Groups •
Creatively Channeling the Highest Good for All • And anything else…

Call us and let’s talk about what you’d like to do.  There are so many projects we are taking on. There’s bound to be something here that’s just right for you.  Maybe you’ll be the one to offer up new ideas that will add just the right magical touch to this place.  It’s the people that are what matters most.

Feel free to call us at:  (607) 442-1315

Be sure to get on the email list to receive updates and tell your friends. New and better realities are manifesting every day. So let’s have fun and enjoy the ride to greater awakenings together. Go to the Volunteer page to see a variety of other volunteer possibilities listed there.


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