You could visit and stay overnight at the Seth House!
We want to offer everyone the opportunity
to experience what it’s like.


This is something we tried before – and it worked!  So we want to do it again… 🙂 … So be watching for announcements when we’re ready to host visitors again.

As we continue to make renovations here, other rooms will be made available for comfortable accommodations. We won’t be renting out Jane & Rob’s room again because we want that to always be open to the public for quiet contemplation and to always be accessible.

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This house is an apartment complex of 8 units. There is also a “Carriage House” in the back which has 4 bedrooms. There’s plenty of room for visitors to stay, once the place is cleaned up a bit more. As an apartment building, of course the property lends itself perfectly to offer lodgings for people who would like to stay a few days or longer to really soak up the energies here.

Imagine reading the Seth books where the words were first spoken. This is why we are so enthusiastic about welcoming others to visit here. It’s truly a magical feeling. Happy memories can be made for Seth readers who meet each other at the Seth BnB.

We already had a few guests stay here through AirBnb and it was a joyful success! We plan to resume receiving guests again in the very near future. For now, let us know if you’d be interested in a future stay.

FYI – We are looking for someone to help * Host the AirBnB * and live here too as a “Meet & Greet” Light-giver.
Let us know if you, or anyone you know, may be interested in hosting visitors at the Seth House.
Another fun way to meet cool people.



To the left is an image of Jane Roberts on a computer screen, as she sat at her typewriter 50 years ago.

Photographed in the same location, in front of the same window.


Stay at “The Seth House” with Airbnb

Earlier in 2019 we started the process of opening up the Seth House to visitors. We utilized Airbnb as a place for guests to book their stay. This could help with some house expenses, as well as give Seth readers an opportunity enjoy a visit.

Here is the newsletter we sent out announcing when we first began –  Recent Newsletter with more details.

And here is a link to our AirBnb site where you can find our what we posted there.
As we said, we aren’t doing it right now, but will again in the near future.

The Seth House at Airbnb

Click to see the Seth House on Airbnb

We are taking baby steps, and huge leaps as well, to open this building to the public and to preserve the integrity of the space where Seth spoke. There are practical matters to attend to with moving forward and finding the financial where-with-all to preserve this place of such profound significance. We’re doing our best to make it happen. Making an apartment complex into a partial AirBnB is just good sense and is the perfect way to benefit the visitor and the building.

So bring your own good vibes to this building and your stay will brighten up the place even more. You’ll remember your pilgrimage here and you’ll be telling friends about it for a long time to come. We look forward to welcoming you here.

We will get the Seth BnB going again.
So let us know if you would like to
“Be Our Guest”

Is this something you would be interested in doing? Would you like to stay at The Seth House AirBnB? Let us know when would be a good time for you, and as soon as we start it up again, we’ll contact you with the good news.

We are looking for people to help us * Host the AirBnB *
It would need to be someone who is local to the Elmira area, who would love to
welcome guests, show people around, attend to the rooms, etc. It’s really a nice place to be.

Great things are looming on the Seth House horizon and “The Seth House AirBnb” is another fun thing that will be going on here as a regular part of life.

Seth is alive and well in Elmira, New York. Come visit.


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