All Things Are Possible
When Seth Readers
Put Their Minds To It
Robert Butts’s interpretive portrait of Seth. Paint roller added by The Seth House.


We have been making much needed repairs and restorations to Jane & Rob’s Apartment. We have documented our work with hundreds of photos and many hours of video. We hope to put some short documentaries together about the journey of healing this old house. For now though, here’s a smattering of the nuts and bolts of the work we’ve been doing.

This building was built as a mansion in 1888 and then became apartments in the 1930’s. Jane Roberts & Robert Butts moved into apartment #5 in 1960. Their work with Seth began in 1963. For the next 12 years Seth spoke here, and that changed everything.

It’s kind of funny that a place of such significance has been neglected for so long. People drive by and have no idea what occurred here and see only a faded crumbling facade. This can all be beautified again. Why hasn’t anyone thought of it before? Actually countless Seth readers and friends have wished for this over the years, but now’s the time for us to collectively act on this vision. Any Seth reader who ever saw pictures or made the pilgrimage out here to actually stand before this house have had to have wondered why it was in such bad shape, and hoped for it to be fixed up someday … This vision belongs to us all.

We are looking forward to the time when Seth readers can meet other Seth readers, right here, and appreciate the material together. We also hope to promote the Seth material to a wider audience who will find just what they’re looking for in these amazing books, so that even more people can be informed as to what this is all about. And we hope to be meeting in a place that keeps on getting cleaner and prettier all the time.













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Window Repairs

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The Beautiful Bay Windows. Wow. This is the original glass that they looked out of for 15 years, and that was 50 years ago. This is where Jane sat at her writing table and wrote most of her books. This is where Seth looked out as well.

Please note that in a ‘before picture’ there are socks stuffed in the gaps to keep out the cold.  The wood was crumbling, the glass was cracked, cold air rushed through the gaps between wood and glass. It was falling apart and dangerous. So a very meticulous repair job was in order to save this window.

Seth-Jane-Rob looked out this window every day for over 15 years and we’d like for visitors to be able to look out these same windows for years to come. So, when our fledgling Non-Profit rented this apartment with the purpose of bringing it back to life, that’s just what we did.


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In the first photo, you can see we took down one dirty drop ceiling only to find another very damaged ceiling above it. The second photo shows the finished bathroom. Sheetrock and plaster to the rescue. There are 2 mirrors here that are original from long before the time Jane & Rob lived here.

Rob’s Art Studio

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The first photo shows Rob’s art studio as a storage room before we started. There was a horrible leak in the ceiling. We took down a modern drop ceiling to find another drop ceiling under that, which was moldy and smelling. Here we discovered the beautiful original woodwork underneath it all.  There’s still some work to do, but today it is an art studio again. We brought in a drafting table similar to the one Rob used. By the way, the artwork to the right is an original Jane Roberts acrylic painting.


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This place was so dirty and sticky when we started in on it. The texture of the wall was like oatmeal in places by the stove. There was an air duct that had wasp nests in it. We recorded this whole renovation on video. Many hands worked on this to get it cleaned, repaired and prettied up.

On the right is the finished kitchen showing the windows. Jane always had an herb garden so we brought in some baby herbs for the windowsill. Jane’s painting can be seen top right. We painted the kitchen a nice light aqua blue-green.

Jane and Rob’s Bedroom

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When we rented the apartment this is how it looked (first photo). It was a strange mixed blotchy coloration that went from beige to yellow to dark pink, but unpleasant shades and very dirty. The walls and ceiling were cracked and chunky.

The next two photos are of the finished bedroom. Full size brass bed with the head facing north as Seth advised.

Living Room/Mirrored Door

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“The Interview” was filmed here in the living room. They are seated to the right of the original full length mirror, still on the door and in great condition. This is the their original full-length mirror which still hangs on the door and was part of some spiritual-psychic experiences that have been written about in some of the books.