Meet our Board of Advisors


An Advisory Board is a volunteer group formed to give advice and support to a nonprofit and to aid with decision making considerations.  They contribute to the organization in so many different ways and we are so grateful these awesome people have agreed to lend their wisdom, experience, insights to this organization. They are sparking new ideas and are leading THE SETH HOUSE forward to manifest new and exciting visions.

Aaron AlsheimerOur Awesome Attorney


Aaron Alsheimer – Our Attorney. We appreciate him more than we can express. He has been with us since he drew up the 501c3 papers, right through to composing the documents to purchase the house, and everything in between. We are delighted that he has agreed to serve on our board. He specializes in Non-Profits and has guided us through this process, every step of the way.

He boosts our confidence and has helped to make The Seth House, 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization a success. He’s gone the extra mile and we appreciate his upbeat attitude and easy going charm. It feels good knowing we can always turn to him for answers and he makes it all seem easy.





Ron Card has been a Seth Reader since his wife Linda introduced “Seth Speaks” to him when they met in 1974. Soon after they married in Florida. Together they created a successful life in Virginia as entrepreneurs, building a photography business.

Ron and Linda have acquired much of the Jane, Rob and Seth artifacts. Together they take loving care of the most valuable artifacts, such as Jane’s Kennedy Rocker, Rob’s Portrait of Seth and the Ouija board Seth came through on. Ron also has the Facebook Group “Seth Force” where promotes Seth’s ideas, and quotes and teaches the meaning of Seth’s messages on a daily basis. Ron is a Seth visionary and we look to more of his sagely wisdom coming our way.

Ron Card with a loving look to his wife


Janna Rudler with friend


Janna Rudler lives in a nearby town in upstate NY. She has successfully helped with the development of a historical home turned museum in a neighboring town. Janna now works for the Preservation League of New York State who champion the protection of historic buildings and landscapes. We are delighted to have her know-how and enthusiasm on board.

We honor the guidance she has to offer, and how her previous work experience mirrors perfectly the needs of “The Seth House” as it steps into the future. Her 501c3 management experience, seeking grants and funding, will prove invaluable as we make this home into a museum, spiritual learning center, and the best gathering place that it can possibly be.


Bob Siglin with son


Bob Siglin is a native of Elmira, NY. He is an Administrative Judge with the Department of Corrections, appointed by the Governor’s Office.

Bob discovered the “Seth Material” in 2013. Immediately, he felt the power and truth that was contained in this book and almost fell out of his chair when he realized that Seth spoke all these truths in his own backyard (literally and figuratively) because at one point in time he briefly lived in the house directly behind the Seth House!

Bob is very proud to be a part of this endeavor and believes humanity as a whole is finally capable of recognizing the amazing truth of Seth’s message and that The Seth House will be the cornerstone that helps this generation connect with the wisdom of Seth!


Bob Terrio with grandchildren


Bob Terrio is from Pennsylvania and he is a world class videographer, collaborating with Gaia TV among others. If you’ve seen “The Seth Phenomena” – that’s our Bob. He also produced a video just for us called “A Seth House Tour“.

His documentary work has included programs about psychics (Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts/Seth), ghosts (Spirits in the Valley) and UFOs/Alien Abductions (Betty and Barney Hill, Travis Walton). Bob is also a published author and a doting family man.


Deb Tejada is a sort-of-retired graphic designer with 30 years of design experience in logos, brochures, books, products, packaging, web design/development plus illustration.

She has been the curator of  The Seth Research Project since the passing of Mary Dillman in 2020. You can sign up for her quarterly blog/newsletters by visiting the SRP website and clicking on Contact/Subscribe. Deb is also assisting The Seth House with web design and maintenance.


John C. Mackin – 
Podcaster for the cause.

PIC & BIO on the way…


We love each and every one of these people for the amazing humans they are.
They are gifting THE SETH HOUSE with their expertise, love and care,
to move this project to the next phase of its development.  

We will be welcoming even more people to the Advisory Board soon.

The Seth House Project. Be part of it.