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458 West Water Street • Apt #1-A
Elmira • New York • 14905 • USA
Phone:   (607) 442-1315


Give us a call, shoot us an email,
or send us a letter.
We want to hear from you!  🙂

Thank you for your interest in this project and the Seth Material. With your help we hope to make this an amazing place to be, and for it to have a very positive influence locally and globally.

Please contact us beforehand
if you would like to visit outside of our regular hours.
We can possibly make appointments to meet people at other times,
but do make sure someone is here before you arrive.

If you would like to Volunteer to help,
or Donate to show your Support –

Please see our Donate & Volunteer page to find out more 😀

We survive by donations, community outreach, and volunteer energy; so your support is greatly appreciated to help make this place happen. We hope to hire someone to be our official “meet & greet” person in the very near future, thereby creating more “open hours” for people to come visit.


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“Seth Discussion Group” at THE SETH HOUSE

We’ve started to put a lot of good energy into building this group page to create joyful “SETH COMMUNITY”. Please check it out and join if you support what we’re doing here and want to see more “Seth Talk” in the world.
Facebook Group:

The Seth House – 501c3
This is for posting announcements about THE SETH HOUSE and will serve as a “Scrapbook” of our Journey. This will not be interactive but we hope it will be a lot of fun to go down memory lane with us.
Facebook Corporate Page:

The Seth House
We are discontinuing this page so as to put more emphasis on the other 2.
If you are a member here, please migrate to the other 2 as we will be closing this one down soon.
FB – The Seth House – Stop:


How to get here

The Elmira-Corning Airport is just 20 minutes away from us. If you fly out to see us, we can pick you up there. United Airlines flies to Elmira direct from Newark International Airport (EWR). They’re in New Jersey but considered NYC. There is also the Ithaca Airport that is 45 minutes away. Allegiant Air flies to Elmira from Florida if that’s where you’re coming from. – This is one of the best ways to find cheap flights. They have a handy pull down window for “Dates” so that if you hover the curser over it, it will list the whole month. And if you hover the curser over “To” it will offer you the chance to say “Everywhere”. Thereby they give you the cheapest flights, easily to just about everywhere on earth. Including Elmira and NYC. Other helpful search engines include Google Flights – and Also Try and

Buses & Trains – One option is you can take a flight to NYC then get a cheap bus or train ride up to Elmira. The Greyhound and Trailways Bus Station is less than a mile away. Looking out for your budget, folks. We’ll be happy to see you when the time is right for you. The Trailways bus from NYC to Elmira is 173 miles. It will take 4 hrs 35 mins. Cost is $62.

We have 3 bus links below. Just trying to help you find the best one for you
•  Bus to Elmira
•  Bus to Elmira
•  Bus to Elmira

Train tickets from New York City to Elmira start at $94.25.






We have Suspended our Usual Open Hours.
You know why.

Sunday • 1 pm – 4 pm 
“Seth Social”
Open Chat, Q&A, See the House

Sunday • 4 pm – 6 pm
“Seth Book
Study Group”

Wednesday • 7 pm
“Seth Social”
Open Chat, Q&A, See the House

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See our Events page
to find out more.

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