458 West Water Street • Apt 1-A
Elmira • New York • 14905 • USA
Phone:  (607) 302-8211



Come Visit

Please see the EVENTS page for our upcoming event on Thursday, June 20th to celebrate Robert Butts’ 100th Birthday. Yippee!

On other days, if you want to come by for a visit, please call first to be sure someone is here, because we do not have regular hours.

Currently we are working hard to raise funds so the 501c3 Non-Profit Organization can purchase this building. We have a Crowdfunding Campaign underway right now through GoFundMe – check it out. All the money raised now will go directly towards the downpayment for this building and then we can take the renovations and repairs to the next level.

In the near future we will offer AirBnB services again. We are looking forward to welcoming a worldwide network of Seth readers and friends. Let’s honor this historic site and also create a very special community center for Elmira and beyond. This is the place where you can learn more about Elmira’s world renown residents:  Seth, Jane Roberts & Robert Butts. And this is a place where we can study, and live, this remarkable information they gave us.


Work with us to help make this reality happen

We are welcoming more people to be part of this project. We are actively seeking more volunteers and donors to share this journey. Learn more about how you can participate and bring your unique skills to The Seth House and help make something beautiful happen here. See the ‘Volunteer‘ section on the Donate page for more info. Please also feel free to contact us with any suggestions to help this project in other ways.


How to get here

The Elmira-Corning Airport is just 20 minutes away from us. If you choose to fly out to see us, we’ll pick you up there. United Airlines flies to Elmira direct from Newark International Airport (EWR). They’re in New Jersey but considered NYC.  There is also the Ithaca Airport that is 45 minutes away. We may be able to pick you up there for a small fee. Allegiant Air flies to Elmira from Florida if that’s where you’re coming from. – This is one of the best ways to find cheap flights. They have a handy pull down window for “Dates” so that if you hover the curser over it, it will list the whole month. And if you hover the curser over “To” it will offer you the chance to say “Everywhere”. Thereby they give you the cheapest flights, easily to just about everywhere on earth. Including Elmira and NYC. Other helpful search engines include Google Flights – and

Buses & Trains – One option is you can take a flight to NYC then get a cheap bus or train ride up to Elmira. The Greyhound and Trailways Bus Station is less than a mile away. Looking out for your budget, folks. We look forward to seeing you when the time is right for you.



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