seth jane robertsWe Invite you to Donate
or Volunteer to Become Part of this Amazing Historical Event

And you can meet some
very cool people in the process…

We sincerely invite you to support The Seth House and all the beautiful things it can potentially become. We have been working heart-fully on this project for two years. We’re growing strong, we have a great team, and all the elements are in place for this to become a truly amazing organization. So, big hugs all around!

We are actively engaged in raising funds for the 501c3 Non-Profit organization so that it can purchase this building and preserve and protect it forevermore. Now more than ever you’re support means so much.

The joy of this project is we know that together – We Can Do It!


Donors, Benefactors, Contributors, Philanthropists, Gift-Givers, Patrons, Supporters, Guardian Angels, Fairy Godmothers, Humanitarians, Sponsors, and Friends.

We look to you to support this project, because without you, it will be a lot lonelier around here.

The Seth House is a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Charitable Organization in good standing. To research that you can click the GUIDESTAR emblem above. Donations are tax deductible.

We know this is an important and worthy cause because we know how life-affirming Seth’s information is. We also know that restoring this building, and creating an important new center in Elmira, would make such a huge difference in the lives of so many in this community. We care about the world and improving our individual and collective realities for the better.

Now more than ever – it’s time for Seth.
So let’s do this thing… 🙂


Your Kindness will be Acknowledged at The Seth House

As a way of honoring our supporters and friends, The Seth House will create a beautiful artistic space to enshrine the names of all who have contributed to this project. The names of all of our donors will be lovingly and artfully displayed for all to see, here at the house, and here on our website as well. As new people donate, new names will continue to be added as time goes on.

We will, of course, include the names of those who give their physical labor and who contribute their time in other ways.

We will gratefully and publicly acknowledge all who support this project. This list is already posted right here on this website –  Thank You Friends!


Here are Several Ways You Can Help
Co-create The Seth House

Donate by Credit Card

Call us at (607) 442-1315 and someone will be happy to take your information over the phone. If we are not able to answer the phone when you call, please leave a message and we will call you back to process your donation. Thanks so much!


You don’t need a PayPal account to donate, you can use a credit or debit card.
Please consider making this an ongoing monthly contribution.

Donate by Check or Money Order

Quick and Easy – Feel free to send us a check or money order – We Thank You!
You can make it payable to The Seth House and mail it to 458 W. Water Street, Apt. 1-A, Elmira, NY 14905.

Donate Through Our Facebook Page

Now one of the easiest ways to support our work is to go to our Facebook page and donate there. Click the link below, then click the blue Donate button when you get there. Facebook will take no fees, so your entire contribution will go directly to help support this work.  Click image to left. Thank you so much.

Create Your Own Facebook Fundraiser (Especially on your Birthday)

Yes! You can create your own Fundraiser for The Seth House through Facebook! Facebook has recognized The Seth House as a legal 501(c)(3) charity and they give 100% of all donations to this organization.  There are no fees so all your friends’ donations will go directly to help run this place. Just click the link to the left.

You can do this for your Birthday or anytime you want to. Follow the instructions here on how to do that, then search for and choose The Seth House, Inc. from the list of approved non-profits. Have fun, it’s so easy to do.

Wire The Seth House your donation
Directly from your bank to our bank.

Here is the info you will need:

Our Account Number: 2510255801
Name: The Seth House
Address: 458 W Water St Ste 1A, Elmira NY 14905
Our Bank Routing Number: 021307559
Bank Name: Community Bank N.A.


.For Donors Thinking in Terms of
“Estate Planning”

Individuals making End-of-This-Life decisions can choose to remember The Seth House by making the 501(c)(3) a beneficiary in their wills. This would play an important role in creating the long range financial wellness for this Non-Profit Organization and help to strengthen and secure its future development.

Charitable contributions are an important part of planning one’s will. So when it’s time to graduate from the earth plane, please consider what you leave behind. It’s nice to be part of something that outlives us in earthly terms. These are end of life paperwork decisions that we all have to make. So as we all plan ahead for leaving this dimension gracefully, be sure to direct your earthly wealth to where it will do the most good. Remembering family, friends, and charitable contributions are all a part of these important considerations.

A will is your last ‘Love Letter’ to the world. So we hope you keep The Seth House in mind if this is something you would like to help nurture along. We all have to be mindful of how we want our earthly belongings to be sorted out as we move on to new realities.

If The Seth House is on your last ‘Gift List’ – We Sincerely Thank You – and we wish you a joyful journey to your next great adventures.

Good Questions

Where will the money go?
All contributions received will go directly to making The Seth House a reality forevermore.

How much will the building cost?
The current owner is a friend of ours. We are working out plans for the purchase of the building. We are leaning toward a downpayment and longterm monthly payments for a total of $200,000. This includes purchase of 2 large buildings on a large lot with ample parking. These are apartments, commercially zoned income property, at a high profile downtown location.

Repairs & maintenance?

Legal fees, bills, and other considerations?
Yep, there’s lots of that too.

What’s the total cost?
It will never end.

Is it worth it?

Can it make money to support itself eventually?
You bet. It’s an apartment building with 8 units and there’s a separate large Carriage House (4 bedroom guest house) in the back. These can be rented out to visitors as guest lodgings. Let’s call it a “Seth AirBnB”. There can be conferences and other events held on site, which would generate funds, as well as good company and new friends.

In the future, the 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization can also apply for grants from foundations that would support various aspects of what we do. This place has lots of potential and our group has lots of ideas. For now though, we need to get some legs under it, and more money in the bank. And in the here and now – We need to buy this building so we can move forward in big and beautiful ways.

We hope this is something that people will see deep value in and will support financially. Today and tomorrow.

We have been paying for repairs and start-up costs out of our own pockets and with our hard work.
It needs outside financial support, grants, and creative fundraising, so let’s get this thing together… 🙂

We also need more cool friends… Other kind and caring human hearts who want to share this journey with us.

* * * Volunteer Opportunities * * *
Generate Good Karma 💙 Meet Good People

This is a team effort and we are inviting more people to be on the team. We would like to meet like-minded and good-hearted new friends to join us here. We are beginning the next stage of manifesting The Seth House, so let’s bring more people along to enjoy this new phase of the journey and to share this vision.

Because we are raising funds to purchase the building, we are not yet able to offer a paycheck yet. However, volunteering often leads to a paid position. So when we can start paying people, we will hire from the volunteers who gave of themselves in these early stages.

Here are things we need help with that we’d LOVE people to bring their creative energy to :

Administrative Work • Fundraising • AirBnB Host • Community Outreach • Videography & Video/Audio Editing • Computer Stuff • Fixing Stuff • Carpentry • Painting • Creating a YouTube Channel • Development Director • Property Manager • Programming Director • CrowdFunding Campaigns • Facilitating Seth Groups • Creatively Channeling the Highest Good for All • And More Good Ideas Than We Can Possibly Imagine… 

Whatever you think you can bring to this adventure – we probably need it.

Also, because ‘word of mouth’ is the best advertising, please be one of our advertisers by helping to spread the word about what’s going on here at The Seth House. We need more public awareness brought to this place so it can grow.

Please write, call, and come on over. You will be appreciated and adored beyond your wildest dreams. Be in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Something magical is happening at The Seth House
and you can be part of it.

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