We have had so many
Wonderful Events at The Seth House!

And we will again…


This place was really rocking and rolling before Covid hit. Some of the highlights of our Weekly Public Gatherings have included Ongoing Seth Discussion Groups, Open House Tours, and Drop-in Hours for chatting and answering questions.

We’ve also have had very Special Events which have included: Birthday Parties for both Jane Roberts and Robert Butts, Open House Gatherings, and participating in local Elmira events.

Now with Covid we have had to suspend all our usual in-person happenings. In the meantime we put more emphasis on our online presence, such as “Seth Talk” and YouTube and our Facebook pages. We also take calls, answer questions, email our newsletters, write promotional materials, send out snail mail correspondence, as well as keeping up on our legal responsibilities for the 501c3 non-profit foundation.

In the future we look forward to resuming our Wonderful In-Person Events from before, and to also add even more in-house gatherings. We are going to make The Seth House a very special and a lively community center with so much to share and so many opportunities to participate in.

Due to Covid, and having to shut down for so long, we missed out on a good many fundraising opportunities we had been planning. This has compromised our financial situation in many ways, so we ask for your help during this difficult time by making a financial contribution to help get us through. Please see our Donate page. We look forward to thanking you in person when we can open our doors to the public again, and we hope this will be very soon.

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