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The Seth Group


Here’s a pic of just some of the members of our weekly study group. We are having so much fun studying the material and changing our lives for the better with the information we are studying. We are learning to “Create Our Own Reality” inspired by the message that Seth, Jane and Rob gave us through the numerous books they produced.

There are many dedicated Seth Friends meeting all over the world right now who are also studying the material and reaping the beneficial results. We invite you to join us for our next meeting at THE HEALING & LEARNING CENTER right here in Elmira. We have a vibrant ongoing Seth Group meeting every Sunday at 4pm.

We plan to have these friendly Seth Groups meeting at The Seth House when it gets up and running. We hope to invite the world to join us through Skype or Zoom and other online conference services. Imagine a world of Seth readers able to meet at the very place where it all began, in the rooms where Seth first dictated the material. For now, you can join us at HLC, and be there as it happens. Let’s study the books together and co-create a lively and supportive community atmosphere.



In the future, another big dream is to be able to hold conferences right here on site. To welcome people from all over the world to attend lectures, workshops, panel discussions, and special events with special speakers. The potential here is as limitless as the imagination.


Be on the lookout for our soon to be created YOUTUBE page! We would like to have an online Library of lectures about Seth from Seth Conferences, interviews and conversations from any number of resources. Let’s offer people all over the world the opportunity to tune in anytime for talks about Seth.

Also, through online technologies, we can view live Seth events that take place around the world as they happen. We can also record and preserve the events to appreciate them for years to come. Having an ever-growing library of “Seth Talks” would be a great resource because we can playback and discuss these recordings at public events here anytime for open discussion, and we can also enjoy them at home, online, anytime. How much fun is that!

Let’s start making a list now of who and what to add to the Library. Suggestions anyone?


We will be having MOVIE NIGHTS here at the Seth House. We will share documentaries about Seth, have discussions before and after, and give tours of the building as well. Hope you will be able to join us. Thinking about Friday nights. Keep checking back for future announcements.



On a day to day basis this will be the perfect place to just mingle, read the books, and talk with others who share this mutual interest. Every day could be an opportunity for a Spontaneous Seth Discussion Groups. We welcome lively conversations about the universal questions. This place is an opportunity waiting to happen…. 🙂


seth jane robertsSo that’s what we go on about when we start thinking about EVENTS we can have here.

Let’s all share in the possibilities and let’s help nurture the seeds of thought. We need your Community Support to make it happen and for these and other events to become an ongoing part of what the Seth House will be all about.

Please go to the Donate page and find out how you can support this vision and make The Seth House become a great new reality for everyone to enjoy and be enriched by. Thank you.

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