Our 1st Really Big Event was a huge success!


May 8th • Wednesday • 2019
10am-10pm • Drop in Anytime

An “Open House” & Community Fundraiser
Celebrating Jane Roberts’ 90th Birthday


Only $5 to see what this is all about.
We’ll give you a tour and tell you all about it.

In this building his wife, Jane Roberts, “channeled” an entity named Seth while Robert masterfully transcribed every session for 20 years. Together they wrote 45 Books, selling nearly 8 million copies. Their most popular bestseller was “Seth Speaks”. Yes, this all happened right here in Elmira, and it’s something for this town to feel proud of.

We have created a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit to purchase the building and turn it into a special place to celebrate the work of Seth, Jane & Rob. We want to beautify this old building and open it up to the public as a place of personal healing, inner peace, and spiritual enrichment.


We were interviewed by the local news station WETM.
Here’s what they aired on May 7th and May 8th. Thank you WETM!

And here’s the accompanying article they wrote on WETM TV News Website:

Here is the Article on the WETM Website:

ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – If the name Jane Roberts sounds familiar, then you might be familiar with her work. Or perhaps, the work of who she was speaking to. Roberts moved into an apartment home in 1960 on West Water Street in Elmira. It still stands and is where she wrote most of her books until her death in 1984. The home is known as the “Seth House.”

Those who now live in that apartment are opening it up so others can get a sense of the space where Roberts worked. “It was like, open it up so that people like us who this material has touched come on in, sit here, meet other people who are inspired by these books,” Oshara Waago, the apartment’s current tenant, said.” Waago has lived in the apartment for over two years.

Roberts claimed to be a medium. She also spoke with an unearthly being named Seth, as documented in Roberts’ books. Those conversations and ideologies were published in the number of stories she published in her career. Seth reportedly spoke through Roberts and supposedly coined the term “You create your own reality.”

“We live here, and I thought we could do this,” Kate Holton, the apartment’s former tenant, said. “We can open this up so people can feel welcome here and that they can experience Seth’s words where it was channeled.” Waago and Holton started a non-profit organization to preserve and renovate the home.

They are going to host an open house on Wednesday, May 8. Anyone can go and see the space where Roberts channeled her energy and wrote her books. The open house is from 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. More information on the Seth House can be found on its website.

That was great fun and we are looking forward to more!

Let’s all share in the possibilities and let’s help nurture the seeds of thought. We need your Community Support to make it happen and for these and other events to become an ongoing part of what the Seth House will be all about.

Please go to the Donate page and find out how you can support this vision and make The Seth House become a great new reality for everyone to enjoy and be enriched by. Thank you.