A Message from Kate, the VP-Treasurer,

There seems to be a crazy rumor that Oshara and I are rich and rolling in donations. Which is not so. We’ve also heard that people think that we are purchasing the house for ourselves. And no, absolutely not. It’s the 501c3 non-profit organization that will be purchasing the home. So we felt the need to disclose the financial situation of this organization to clear up any misunderstandings.

As you can see I am releasing this financial wellness statement with full transparency.  The numbers below reflect that we, and this organization, are not wealthy, but we are in the black at the moment.  We are $168.94 in the black.  And YAY! that is great news. But that is partly due to the fact that we have personally loaned more than $4,600 to this organization to get it going. Happy to help.

Good news. We have updated these figures now since our most recently emailed newsletter. The new totals reflect some healthy growth.  We will continue to update this page on a monthly basis, so keep checking back to monitor our growth.

This financial statement shows a lot…  We are growing by leaps and bounds… And we are also growing steadily, one step at time. We have managed the finances very well, and we have a lot to be proud of for our 2 years of dedicated service to this cause.

We need to hire people to help run The Seth House day to day. There’s so many things we’d like to have co-workers co-creating… We’d like to offer it on AirBnB, and have someone here to keep regular hours so people can come visit. Looking for people to “meet and greet” visitors and enjoy talking about Seth.  We want to hold meetings, do community outreach, etc. For all of this, it’s time to hire on a small staff so we can start being of service on a regular basis. Please support us so we can create a payroll to offer good paying jobs to people who can spread the Seth vibe. And then we look forward to the time when the 501c3 actually purchases this historic building. 

We hope that you feel as we do, that respecting Jane & Rob’s Apartment #5 and keeping it preserved and clean is the right thing to do. So I ask, please be generous with your donations, to help support putting people on payroll, and opening this place up for people to come visit. There’s more cleaning and restoration to do. We can co-create a gathering place, a museum, and bring other great ideas to life here. But we have to pace ourselves so we don’t have nervous breakdowns or compromise our physical health.

Obviously, we need help with FUNDRAISING most of all. If anyone out there has that skill, we will treasure your existence.

Oshara and I have done so much to be proud of.  But sometimes we are also exhausted, worn out, and need help. So we ask the Seth Community, and other friends, to step up and show the world that you support this. Your donations are working and have brought us this far. Let’s keep up the good work. We all have so much to be proud of.

Respectfully Submitted,
Kate Holton, VP-Treasurer
Oshara Waago, President


The Seth House, Inc.

12/27/2017 through 11/10/19

Profit and Loss

Donations $   13,567.31
AirBnB 825.46
Total Income $    14,392.77
Business Registration Fees         $     751.65
Legal Fees 2,005.44
AirBnB 108.09
Rent 6,417.45
Restoration 556.75
Advertising 347.12
Banking Fees 2.00
Books, Subscriptions, Reference 31.50
GoFundMe Fees 33.38
PayPal Fees 149.70
Office Supplies 1,353.85
Postage, Mailing Service 131.13
Event Supplies 106.68
Telephone, Internet 2,229.09
Total Expense $    14,223.83
Net Profit $      168.94


The Seth House, Inc.

12/27/2017 through 11/10/19

Balance Sheet


Checking Account $   4,579.84
Accounts Receivable Facebook 222.15
Accounts Receivable PayPal 25.00
Total Assets $     4,826.99
Accounts Payable (Loans from Kate & Oshara for Start Up Funds) $    4,658.05
Net Income        $    168.94

Current monthly bills:

Rent for Jane & Rob’s apartment + Office & Welcome Center apartment – $1,350.00
Spectrum (Internet & Phone) $89.96

Total Monthly Bills:  $1,439.96

Outstanding Bills, not received yet:

Lawyer $_______ (We don’t have the numbers yet.)


We would sincerely love to hire Seth readers and friends to help take this place to the next level.

The ultimate goal is to purchase the entire apartment building, and we are only one really big donation away from that becoming a reality.

Think how this could change everything in this dimensional realm to have a place like this for all to share. We do. We hope you do too. 

To keep this dream in full manifestation mode – we need your donations. At least $1,439.96 per month is what it takes to cover everything right now. For the time being all labor has been a labor of love, a donation of time. But we are ready for the next big step in the growth and development of this organization.  And together, we can do anything.