The Seth Books are Such a Vast Wealth of Information…

There are so many valuable resources for you to check into to find out more about Seth. We hope this list will assist you in getting a good start. Many people share their enthusiasm for studying the material by offering informative websites, videos/audios, and social media pages. Please explore these infinite offerings. Let’s connect with others so we can all enjoy this amazing journey of discovery together.

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Seth Resources

The Seth Books Beautifully Read Aloud by Tim Hart – We love this guy! He has read and recorded most of the Seth Books and posted them on YOUTUBE. They are excellent. He has freely and independently created these “Books on Tape” for the love of the material. You can increase the speed of the recording by adjusting the settings at the lower right of the screen. Listen along as you read. Listen and enjoy anytime and anywhere. Tim Hart’s YouTube Channel.

Seth Search Engine:  Christopher Galpin has created a Seth search engine at Most of the books Seth dictated through Jane are in the database, except for Seth-related books such as books such ones written solely by Jane, Susan Watkins or others.

New World View References & More

List of the Seth Sessions

PDF Archives

Seth Quotes & Memes

Random Seth Quote Generator

More Informative Websites
The Jane Roberts Archives at Yale University 

The Jane Roberts Papers are archived at Yale University Library and can be viewed in the Manuscripts and Archives area of Sterling Memorial Library. The Jane Roberts collection has consistently been one of the most popular collections. For information see: Guide to the Jane Roberts Papers, Manuscripts and Archives. Yale University Library Archival Collection includes both published and unpublished materials. If you are planning a visit, information and guidelines can be accessed at: Please note that the information is located off-site so a 3-day retrieval for the boxes is required.

Seth Research Project

Mary Dillman has been researching the Jane Roberts Papers at Yale University for 20 years as an independent researcher. While she is not affiliated with the library, she is very familiar with the collection and welcomes questions regarding the types of material available and can guide you on the appropriate boxes to order according to your interests.  She has enjoyed meeting many Seth enthusiasts over the years.

MeetUp Groups 

Wherever you live on earth, you have got to check out Any kind of social group you can imagine can be found right here in your own community. And that includes SETH GROUPS too! And if you can’t find a Seth Group in your area, then you can start one easily through Meetup. This is one of the best Seth Group finders on earth. It’s also one of the best any-kind-of-group-you-want finders too. Meet new folks who like what you like. Have fun.

Seth Meetup Groups

Here’s what we have so far…

SETH GROUP ELMIRA – (New York) – If you’d like to join us from anywhere in the world you can Skype in. We’d love to see you. This group is populated by the people who are co-creating THE SETH HOUSE 501(c)(3) Non-Profit. It’s free on Sundays at 4pm. More info on how to reach us is on this link.

Do you know of other Seth Groups meeting anywhere on Earth? We would be happy to list the contact info right here on this page. Just let us know. And thanks for getting people together to study this important information.


A friendly word about some of the Seth FaceBook sites … Use caution not to get drawn into “less-than-joyful” energies on these or any social media sites. Don’t take it personally if anyone becomes unkind – just walk away. Post with care, read with discernment. Everyone has their own interpretations and viewpoints. So keep it simple and keep reading Seth’s Books. Keep in mind how Seth encourages us to explore our creative imaginations freely, and reminds us of how limitless we really are.

Seth in Other Languages
Yahoo Groups

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Seth Conferences

There have been many conferences around the country and around the world,
more than we can list, but some of the most notable have been:

  • The Colorado Seth Conference ran for 27 years.
  • The Austin Seth Center Conferences started it all in the 1970’s.
  • The California Seth Conference – California Seth Conference.
  • There have been 2 Elmira Seth Conferences + Maine + Oregon
  • Rick Stack has online conferences and occasionally in person.
  • Many Others around the country and around the world.

Seth Freunde Conference is an annual Conference in Germany/Switzerland that has been conducted for nearly 20 years.

Stay tuned for more national and international Seth Conferences soon to come.

There are many more resources out there still to be posted to this list. Please let us know what you think should be added on. Thank you.

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