The House Itself

Here’s a collection of beautiful old photographs of the House from the “Good Old Days”. This is a sentimental journey for us and it gives us a sense of nostalgia as we contemplate the new potentials and possibilities for how this grand old building can step into the future, well loved and cared for again.


This is one of the nicest pictures of the House, way back in the early part of the last century.


The house was built in 1888. This is probably the late 1800’s showing the family life of the owners of this beautiful mansion.


This is a postcard of the house when it still had the wrap around porch. Postmarked 1908.


Beautiful wrap around porch that later become the kitchen and bedroom for apt #1A.


Look at the beautiful wicker furniture on the porch.


This is the view from the porch facing the long arbor-pergola-trellace that was part of the garden to the west side of the house.


The front of the porch as viewed from the front yard.


This property was resplendent with such lush greenery.

And here she is today. She just needs to be loved and cared for again.

Restoring and Opening the House For
Public Enjoyment, Education and Inspiration

These photos show how “The Seth House” looked in its prime, and how it looks today. There is so much good we can do here.

Seth House now

Our goal is to create a beautifully restored building that will be open to Seth readers and friends and everyone from everywhere who would like visit and enjoy. Let’s honor the amazing events that happened here which brought us such a great wealth of breakthrough information.

Bringing us together is what this is all about. We’re creating a lovely Community Center, a meeting place to uplift the spirit and the quality of human life. This is a place of quiet contemplation, as well as lively conversations and good hearty laughter. This is a place for personal healing, and awakening a sense of true spiritual connection.

Please join us – the fun has just begun – 🙂

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We invite you to join our efforts in growing this amazing non-profit foundation that will be of service to assisting humanity in flowering to a greater awareness.

Volunteers and donors can share this journey of inquiry into the the nature of the human spirit and reality itself…  As well as do some office work, meet and greet, paint some walls and decorate… And meet new people too!

We believe everyone is entitled to a joyful life, and to know the truth about this inter-dimensional reality we are part of, and to manifest the beautiful potential of their own inner self.

Please see our Donate page if you would like to help support this project. See our Contact page if you would like to visit and see for yourself what what Seth and this place is all about . There are so many ways to open new doors to your inner world. We hope to bring something beautiful to Elmira… to the world… and to yourself.


The Seth House Project. Be part of it.