Simply said … “LET’S PAINT THIS PLACE!”

This is “The Seth House” photographed March 2018.
Jane Roberts & Rob Butts’s apartment is on the second floor.

Well, Here It Is…


If you’ve ever driven by this place and perhaps wondered – “If anything looks that bad on the outside, how must it look on the inside?” Well, here’s your answer – Yes, it does look just as bad on the inside.

Below is a mini-sampling of a photo gallery we have. We see these as just more projects we look forward to working on. Lots and lots of creativity awaits us!

If anyone out there wants to join us for this labor of love, let me tell you, there is such a rich instant gratification in a bucket of paint being applied to walls like these and watching reality shift so quickly. In just one afternoon with a few people on a mission to “make pretty” you see the power of paint in all its glory.

Have a look at these “Before Pics” and we hope you can join us in person for the “During” and “After Pics”.


Interior – 2nd Floor Stairway & Hall

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Hi Folks – Me again. Well the descriptions here don’t always match the pictures above them. So bear with us as we do more tweaking on the new website. See if you can match which pic goes with which description. Anyway, it’s fun to groan at how embarrassing this place has become, but that’s only because these will be called “Before Pictures” someday, and this will all be beautiful again soon…

First image, top left, is the front door entrance. That’s actually pink marble on the floor and a brass mailbox which probably was the mailbox that Jane and Rob used to receive their mail.

Next is the interior staircase. This Beautiful Staircase… Well, it could be again. The color is “poop brown”. It feels dirty. We can use the word gross. Spindles are missing from the banister, and several were replaced by mis-matched sticks. This is totally fixable and a carpenter friend has the tools to make the right size and shape replacements.

The Unfinished Paint Job: This is my personal favorite groaner… Right here in the stairway, a classic example of a job left undone. Many years ago a paint job was begun. They stopped midway right here in the stairwell. The white and brown paint are both obviously very old, but no one ever bothered completing the project. And here it’s been for ages and ages. They stopped painting years ago and never bothered to finish the job.

Next, here we are looking up to the second floor from the first landing of the stairway. That’s a splotchy paint patch job on the wall at the top of the stairs. Also note ceiling rough edges. This is the floor where they lived and rented two apartments. On the right is their apt #5. They were there 15 years. On the left is apartment #4 (harder to see). They lived there 4 years. The center door is the hallway door. The white smudge, lower left, is another patch job on the wall.

This is it. The door to Apartment #5, where Jane & Rob lived for 15 years and channeled most of the Seth Books. The number “5” is drawn on with a magic marker, and it’s faded. Above the door is a blue air freshener that gave up the ghost years ago.

They also rented apartment #4. The door to the left. It doesn’t even have a number on the door. Apartment #4 is where they lived in addition to #5 for their last four years in the building. The door on the right is the hallway door. Check out the condition of these doors – yuck. But even so, most of the doors are clearly original and can be cleaned up and restored.

The last image is of the backdoor private entrance to the 2nd floor of the house – Jane and Rob’s floor. An entrance where they probably did a lot of coming and going. It’s a nice walk down to the back yard from here, if you can ignore the filth.

Imagine touching a cleaned up, freshly painted hallway, with restored doors… and stepping into another time… when Seth was speaking… and Rob was taking copious notes. We imagine that all the time.

It’s trashy, but it’s home. It’s the Seth House, and it can only get better.

Exterior of 458 West Water Street

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These photos start off with the front of the house facing West Water Street. On a fine autumn day so you can see the house past the tree limbs of a huge old masterpiece of a tree that towers over the house.

The west side of the house offers the full on view of where they lived for 15 years on the 2nd floor. From Rob’s little art studio on the left, to the three bay windows, to the three little vertical kitchen windows on the right. It looks like four different shades of green, patch-worked and faded. This is the place where it all happened. The three big bay windows in the middle are where Jane sat at her writing table. Further beyond the bay windows is where she channeled Seth in her rocker in the living room.

East side: They had 2 apartments at one time. Their second apartment (#4 where they lived for 4 years) is on the 2nd floor. From right to left, there are three rooms: Bedroom with a misguided gutter sticking out from it. The Kitchen with five little windows. The Living room with three tall windows. Everything here screams “paint me”.

The northwest view of the house was photographed from the optometrist’s office parking lot. Jane & Rob’s apartment is on the 2nd floor. From left to right: Rob’s art studio, two broken tv dishes are in front of their bedroom. Three small bathroom windows, followed by the bay windows where Jane sat and wrote. Then the three smaller kitchen windows to the right end.

The back yard is on the north side of the house. The art studio is that little wooden box on stilts. It had full wrap-around windows at one time with beautiful views. Years ago most of the windows were boarded up and the boards were left unpainted. Only one side, to the west still has the original windows, and they are beautiful to look out of.


seth jane roberts
A view of the Carriage House. 6 garages on ground level. A 2 story, 4 bedroom apartment is upstairs.
The Carriage House

The Carriage House could be the most fun of all. This building is behind the main house in the backyard. Believe it or not, inside it is livable, and good living at that. It’s a four bedroom house on top and a six door garage below that can hold up to nine cars. Exterior cosmetic repairs wouldn’t hurt a bit. The garage doors need to be cleaned up and re-fitted. This project would be a fun-filled adventure for some folks with the skills. We have high hopes for this building. Plenty of open shared social space in the nice two living rooms, large kitchen and dining room. This could be the social hang out and Seth Fun House.



This is All Do-Able 🙂
Let’s make this place beautiful again!


Really, the pictures do not even do it justice to convey how yucky-icky-sticky this building is in its current state. We need divine intervention. We need human intervention. We need you to Donate your money, time and energy to see this through to the absolute best that this can truly be. Please go to our Donate page to find out more about how you can make all the difference in the world by making just one building shine brightly. Blessings to you and thank you so much… 😀


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