Hi Folks!

Here is a 16 minute documentary about the house, the people, and the work we are doing to preserve the building. But most importantly this is about the messages Seth delivered here in Elmira, New York. We thank Bob Terrio for creating this wonderful mini-documentary. Music by Paul Helfrich.
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We’ve Only Just Begun!

And we want it to be all about SETH and this crazy old HOUSE.

We have been so busy uploading videos from Seth Talk. We want to grow into creating more videos here of the progress we are making. We are also thinking about recording the PsyTime Meditations and uploading them in the near future. But more than all that – we want it to be a SETH VIDEO-RAMA.

So that people everywhere can click in and get a good dose of Seth no matter where they are. Hundreds of videos of Seth recordings, Lectures about Seth, and whatever else we can find that feels right that we need to share with you. A whole new era has begun here of sharing Seth’s information blatantly.

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We will continue to have this page on the website
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As you can see, we’re having a lot of fun here. So please enjoy this kooky collection of YouTube logos… Apparently assembled here for no particular reason… 🙂